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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jenny Craig Mention on Twitter

Thanks so much for the double-mention on Twitter @Jenny Craig!  Both yesterday and today, mommybizblog got a Tweet.  I appreciate it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weighing In

What is it about women that we measure our milestones by what we weighed at the time?  I know what I weighed when I got married, at the end of my pregnancy, at my heaviest and in college.  I centered my world around that specific goal; how many pounds I gained or lost on the scale and I felt good or bad depending on what it told me.  I look back on my honeymoon photos from 13 years ago and think, "I was fat" knowing that I weighed 14 pounds less than I do right now.  I'm not going to think this way anymore.  I am not "fat", I am getting "fit" and healthy and that is the new description for how I look and feel.  I'm not sure I can say yet that I am "fit", but that is now the goal.  It's nice to put a positive spin on something that I have been a slave to as long as I can remember.

I think many women can relate to this.  Being on Jenny Craig, I do weigh myself  periodically but not daily.  I also do my weekly weigh-in at the center and get measured every four weeks.  How great it was this week to see that 10.5 inches are gone - I wish we had measured my arms and thighs as well as it would have been even more. 

It doesn't help that I love to cook.  We keep mostly healthy foods in our house, but I was eating way too much and would eat without even thinking about it.  Now I know how much I can eat, how much I need to move my body and what my new jeans feel like when I put them on.  I'm hoping to buy the next size down within the month - and then I will be the weight I was at 25 years old.  I remember that one because I was working on the TV show "Picket Fences" and know that I wore a size 10 (but still used the "f" word to describe myself).

I feel good and I actually think about working out and then DO it!  I may not be running marathons, but I do some sort of activity every day, have lost half of the weight that I want to lose and I bought skinny jeans for the first time ever.  I'm still overweight, but I will never be "fat" again.  I am still trying to get in shape, but "fit" is my goal.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Off to the Doc

I trust our pediatrician more than I trust almost anyone else.  She is calm and sure when she explains how well or how sick our child is.  She has never failed me when it came to parenting advice, how to get an active baby back to sleep at night or how to just let go a little when I'm stressing about an illness.

It is very hard to put your child into someone else's hands, especially when they are very young.  As they've gotten older, I've been able to let go a little; still remembering the day I sent them out into the yard to play while I stayed in the house, doors open so I could hear every whimper or cry.  As the years have gone on, I've come to trust our pediatrician more than I ever thought I'd trust anyone with my girls.  Her advice has never failed, her heart is sure and strong and she listens when we talk or answer a question.  Doctors like her are few and far between and I feel so grateful with each visit, knowing that as puberty approaches and boys come into the picture, temptation and peer pressure will be there, but so will our Dr. B.