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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The psychology of customers fascinates me.  I wish I had started my novel when we began our business as there have been some pretty fascinating people who have come through our doors.  Miracles, each and every one of us, but some have stories and histories that would just blow you away.  I had a man in the store today who just had brain surgery.  An epileptic for 40 years suffering from at least monthly seizures, he had brain surgery only six days ago.  He came in to get some easy to prepare meals as he is re-learning how to live, how to recognize words and how to put sentences together.  He has been told that in the next six weeks, he will regain all of those memories and be seizure-free or close to seizure-free.  I was in awe of him and his story and felt like he put my problems into perspective.  Being in business in this economy, opening when we did - right before the bubble burst has been a struggle, but it has also afforded me the opportunity to meet some fascinating people and to witness some true miracles.